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A perfect table for one or two. This square table can be mounted at an appropriate social distance on any patio or terrace with vertical railing. It can also be set at counter height or standard chair height. The perfect addition for outdoor dining in this pandemic.

Balconista Bistro is the perfect 24" square table for your balcony, patio or terrace. The table installs on vertical rails. At 36" high it pairs perfectly with counter height stools; however it can also be set to standard chair height. The Bistro utilizes an angled support bar instead of traditional table legs to provide a sturdy dining surface. Constructed from Tangent recycled product, 95% post-consumer recyclables. Sitting is believing.

- Quality craftsmanship, made in the USA from HDPE Recycled material, Green Circle Certified, Closed Loop Production

- Designed and built for exterior use on steel commercial vertical railing

- Easy to install, flush mounts to .75" - 1" vertical balcony rails

- Customization allows the Bistro to set at standard chair height

- Dimensions 24 inch wide * 24 inch deep with a 3 inch backsplash

- Comes with all necessary stainless steel hardware, resistant to rust and corrosion

- Included hardware fits all standard metal railings for hotels, apartments, condominiums and high-rises

- Unit weight approximately 18 lbs.

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